Wednesday, November 30, 2005

December 3 North and Clybourn

Last Saturday we were almost overwhelmed by the crowds of holiday shoppers at State and Washington. You can see photos of us in action by clicking on the PAPC Photo Albums link to the side of the page, and you can read what I wrote about the morning on my blog, Pure Gum Spirits. It was a wonderful morning and there were some excellent paintings done.

This weekend we will meet at another busy city location: North and Clybourn. We'll meet at 8:30 at the North and Clybourn CTA station. Nancy Albrecht has a studio nearby and has offered to let us use their space for a critique, warming up, etc. Nancy and her studio mates are having an open house that afternoon, so you can stop by there to check it out or go to the Art Store to reload if you are out of ammo.

I can't be there--going out of town--but I will be back with you all on Dec. 10. Stuart


Blogger Nancy Albrecht said...

Yes! Join Barbara Herring and I painting Saturday. You can call 312-206-5648 if you can't find the Studio after painting.
See you then.

7:43 PM  

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