Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hello again,
This week you will be going back to Greektown. I will unfortunately will not be able to be with you this weekend. I am in a show in Dallas, Texas, so I will be painting but the temperature will be quite different from here. I will try to send some of the warmth north. :) Have fun.
I hope you all have a good time.

See you next week.

News for the show March 2nd: THE DEADLINE FOR EMAILING ME YOUR INTENTION TO BE IN THE SHOW IS FEBRUARY 13TH. The ones who already emailed, I have returned your email today with an entry form. I need to have an email only please. This is the only way I can keep it organized. Thanks. email is: scottpowersfineart@yahoo.com. There is a maximum of 3 paintings for entry into the show. One can be a studio painting done from one of our Saturday paintings.

TIME: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 8:30am-12:30pm

LOCATION: Greek Town - Jackson blvd. and Halsted ave.

DIRECTION: www.mapquest.com Jackson blvd. and Halsted ave., Chicago

Meet on corner. There is a great cafe on Halstead south of Jackson for good Greek coffee and lunch. I can not remember the name.


Blogger Nancy Albrecht said...

The restaurant is "Artopolis" and they have great pub food. Meet there for lunch and critique at 12:30 (even if you don't paint out!) They don't open until 10 am, but the food shop on the NW corner of Halstead/Jackson is open for breakfast coffe etc.

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