Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 22, Riverside, Illinois

Rita Rogan writes:

Awhile ago I invited folks to provide us with some suggestions for paint out sites. Susan Hong-Sammons responded with the following thoughts and information:

"If you decide to come paint in Riverside. I suggest everyone going to their website and printing out a map of my little village..."

(Here's the map:)

"...Then they'll see all the parks etc......"

We actually did this Paint Out Site last February. It is a wonderful little village that is like a trip back in time. When we were there however, it was freezing and an incredible storm was blowing in. We all went to different hovels and worked. Susan Flanagan and I waited out the cold in the charming little coffee house in town and sketched and talked. The lesson learned -- always have a sketch pad and pencils -- just in case.

WHERE: "I think the best place to meet is in front of the library."

(Here are the directions to the Library):

"The parking is free and centrally located to everything - park, river, train depot, stone built city hall etc. It's quite a picturesque Victorian village. I've enjoyed painting here all seasons but then I love grays." Susan Hong-Sammons.

WHEN: Saturday, September 22, 2007 8:30 AM thru 12:30 PM for our tell, show and ask.


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