Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transfer To Flickr

Yahoo photos--our free photo hosting service so far--is going out of business. Perforce I have been required to transfer the old photo albums of our outings, and new albums as they are made, to Flickr. This is also free, but the transfer is not yet complete. So when you click on the PAPC Photos link at the upper right, you should be taken to the Flickr page where our albums will be. There are two there now; the rest of the albums should arrive soon.

Thanks to everyone, especially Errol and Nancy, for sending me photos of the outings.


Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks Stuart. Our clients like to "see" us painting.
I have been out at the Planetarium between 5 and 7 am this week painting the skyline as the sun comes up. I'll send in a pic of the piece I finished yesterday morn.

8:17 AM  

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