Wednesday, April 04, 2007

May 25 Evening Paint Out And After-Party

Mark your calendars for the evening of May 25, 2007. We are going to have an evening paint out and after-party.

Location: Palette and Chisel.
Paint Out: 4:30 p.m.-ish
Party: 7:30 p.m.-ish
Attire: Your finest painting clothes.
Victuals: Pot luck.

Don't miss this paint out or this party. You may win one of the special awards that will be handed out in the following categories (with the following tentative names):

1. For the most dedicated winter painter in the group (The Golden Handwarmer Award)
2. For the largest canvas attempted on site, merits of result notwithstanding (The Leviathan Prize)
3. For the most risible painting mishap (The Drowned Easel Award)
4. For the most unusual means of transporting gear (The Bill Gram Memorial Prize)

Post your nominations--anonymously--for the various prize categories in the comments section. If you have hopes of winning in an as-yet unspecified category, nominate your category as well. As always in Chicago, the award system will be one of majority rule, wisely tempered by graft.

"Better get a shave, and bring your girl." Ladies, bring your menfolk. Friends, family and children are welcome.


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