Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 21 Grant Park/Museum Campus

One place the group has never gone, as far as I remember, is the Museum Campus at the south end of Grant Park. There are the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, etc. There are views of the skyline from down there that are magnificent.

Saturday, 8:30 a.m.
Meet up: Plaza on north side of Field Museum, west of Shedd Aquarium

Directions provided courtesy of mapquest. This is a location suggested some time ago by Brian Minder.

(P.S. If I'm not there, could someone please take photos and email them to me? I'd like to continue to post photos of our outings in the PAPC photo album that is linked at the right as well as to put up the photo of the day for each outing.)


Blogger Nancy said...

I loved the Museum Campus Site.
It seems, however, that some of the painters were told ?by the police? that they had to stay in one particular area. Since when??? Are we not allowed to paint on public and park property?
New location suggestion: on Van Buren St. at Financial Place, there is a little 1/2 block wide park. Looks like a great painting site to me. You can look south towards River City or North to the El and Stock Exchange etc. Lets go there.
The El stop would be LaSalle (for all the elevated trains,) and LaSalle St. station on the blue line.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Cobalt Blue said...

I wasn't aware of this problem, Nancy--it strikes me as pretty ridiculous for the police to be regulating us unless we are obstructing the public way, creating a nuisance, etc. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Thanks for the suggestion on another spot.

1:26 PM  

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