Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April 28 Montrose Harbor

It's that time of year when people put their boats in the water. They do it specifically for us--to enliven the waterfront, to make enable us to make interesting compositions with the skyline in the background and yachts in the foreground.

What you say? People actually enjoy sailing their expensive boats while getting drenched with cold lakewater?

Fair enough. I agree they may enjoy themselves up to a point; they have not yet discovered the joys of outdoor painting.

Where: Montrose Harbor Bait Shop
When: Saturday, April 28 8:30

As always, mapquest will take you there--intersection of Montrose Avenue and W. Montrose Harbor Drive.

(If someone could please take photos again and email them to me, I will post them on the photo album. Thanks to Jim Hajicek and Rita Rogan for sending me photos from last time.)


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