Sunday, January 27, 2008

August 2003, Montrose Harbor

Leslie Outten sent me a photo she found from the summer of 2003 when the group had first started. This was one of our first trips to Montrose Harbor. I recognize Leslie, Virginia, Scott Tallman and Scott's sister Amanda. And of course Scott's dog, Emma.

As for my painting, as I told Leslie, I think I've painted over that one at least twice.

(I'm not sure why there is text copy written over the photo; the photo was apparently sent out in an email announcing our next location would be in Graceland Cemetery.)


Anonymous Nancy said...

We will have an exhibit called "Four Seasons of Old Town" at the Triangle Gallery during the month of November 2008. More details will follow in the coming months. Artists may want to paint the same scene in all four seasons. The gallery at North Park and Menominee is open daily and the facilities available for painters to use when in the 'hood. Nancy Albrecht aka

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